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The Giants to sign Joe Nathan to a minor league deal


Joe Nathan‘s odyssey through the end of his career continues: Jon Heyman reports that the Giants are signing him to a minor league contract.

Nathan, who missed almost all of least season after yet another Tommy John surgery, pitched three whole games for the Cubs before being designated for assignment last week. It was just as much a roster situation as it was a pitching situation, as he didn’t allow a run while striking out four in two innings. He walked two too and allowed two hits, however, and, really, with Aroldis Chapman around, the late innings were far better covered than when Nathan signed with Chicago in May. He didn’t have a role.

Nathan, who was drafted by the Giants 21 years ago and who pitched for them in the majors between 1999 and 2003, has 377 saves with a 2.8 ERA and a 971/342 K/BB ratio over 919 innings in his 16-year career. Given that Nathan turns 42 this offseason, one has to think this is his last stop.

Curt Schilling is considering running against Elizabeth Warren in 2018

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Last week Curt Schilling said that he was planning on running for office one day. “State office first,” he said, “white house in 8 years . . .or 4 if by some amazing illegal event this country elects another clinton.” Maybe by “state office” he didn’t mean state government but, rather, statewide office, because he said on a radio spot yesterday that he may have Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren in his sights:

“I would like to be one of the people responsible for getting Elizabeth Warren out of politics,” said Schilling. “She’s a nightmare. The left’s holding her up as the second coming of Hillary Clinton, Lord knows we don’t need the first.”

That could simply mean that he’s going to work to have someone, anyone, beat Warren, but the Boston Globe took it to mean that he’d consider running. He certainly has the ego for it. And my God, it would be great fun.

Not quite as much fun as it is to sit back and think for a few moments about how angry it must make Schilling to know that he’s represented in the Senate by two liberals like Warren and Ed Markey, but still a lot of fun.

The Brewers call up a dude named Damien Magnifico


Relief pitcher Damien Magnifico was called up by the Milwaukee Brewers from Triple-A Colorado Springs today. He’ll soon make his major league debut.

On the baseball merits, Magnifico has a 3.18 ERA and his struck out 54 batters over 56.2 innings in 47 appearances in the PCL. He’s being called up to replace Michael Blazek who was placed on the disabled list.

We’re less interested in transactions involving middle relievers for losing teams, however, and far more interested in dudes with epic, professional wrestling-worthy names like “Damien Magnifico.” Especially when his Twitter account has a little ™ symbol next to his name and this is his profile pic:


Here’s a more conventional pic:

And here’s hoping he lives up to his name.