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Tim Collins has ligament damage in his elbow


Royals reliever Tim Collins left his spring training debut the other day with tightness in his elbow. He just got some bad news about that:

Collins missed time last season with a flexor strain in his left elbow, appearing in only 22 games. Now he could be missing much, much more time. Tough break.

Tweet of the Day: Dan Uggla makes an appearance

Dan Uggla

source: AP

The Nats are playing the Braves today. Starting at second base for the Nationals? Dan Uggla. Which means:

Sometimes I am reminded why the Braves ended up firing Frank Wren.

There have been no contract extension talks between Jeff Samardzija and the White Sox

Jeff Samardzija

Last month Jeff Samardzija‘s agent, Mark Rodgers, said that his client would consider an extension with the White Sox. Not much is happening in that regard, however, as yesterday Samardzija said that an extension “hasn’t even been a topic of conversation,” and that he and the Sox “haven’t come close to crossing that bridge.”

Not a big deal, as Samardzija is on record saying he wanted some time to see how he feels playing for the Pale Hose before committing, but he is in his walk year.

Joey Votto: “I’m a different hitter than most.’

Joey Votto

Certain parts of the Cincinnati media like to go after Joey Votto because he’s not a run-producing RBI machine. This despite the fact that, um, yeah, he actually creates boatloads of runs and is far and away the best hitter that team has and has had in, like, 30 years. But he takes walks and speaks intelligently about advanced metrics, see, so screw that guy, right?

Perhaps his biggest detractor is Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Yesterday, however, Daugherty actually talked to Votto about his hitting and value as a hitter. And if you can get past Daugherty’s Luddite opening and closing remarks, Votto says a lot of interesting and intelligent things about his hitting and the criticism he takes for the way he approaches hitting.

Really, though, Daugherty’s overall tone is the most illuminating thing about the piece. I feel like certain sportswriters don’t know much what to do with an athlete who is demonstrably intelligent, which Votto certainly is. So he must be “curious” and weird and different and what he says must be met with dubiousness. Pretty funny, actually.

Peter Moylan signs a minor league deal with the Braves


A reunion. Oh happy day:

Moylan pitched for the Braves from 2006 through 2012, but then he had Tommy John surgery. Then had it again. In between surgeries he pitched in 14 games for the Dodgers in 2013. It’s been a rough couple of years for the guy.

For his career he’s got a 2.80 ERA in 209 games with a K/BB ratio of 213/121 in 276 innings.

He also has been featured in some pretty sweet pictures over the years. Like this one from the Braves weird Christmas video a few years ago:


And this one he posted to Twitter himself:


He’s a fun guy. Hope he completes his rehab and can pitch in the bigs again.