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Nick Punto retires


Nick Punto sat out the 2015 season but did not actually retire. Now he has actually retired according to Ken Rosenthal.

Punto last played for the A’s in 2014 and hit a mere .207 with two homers and a .589 OPS in 73 games. He was released after the season and was paid the remaining $2.75 million on his contract. While the Arizona Diamondbacks signed him to a minor league deal, he decided he’d rather not play and that he’d perhaps try his luck in 2016. The year off was enough to convince the 38-year-old that he had reached the end of the line.

Punto was fast and flashed some decent leather which was enough to allow him to play 14 seasons in the bigs despite not hitting all that much. He finishes with a line of .245/.323/.323, 19 homers and 263 RBI in 3,734 plate appearances for the Phillies, Twins, Cardinals, Red Sox, Dodgers and Athletics.

He is, without question, a first ballot Hall of Scrappy Utility Guy Types Who Play Way Longer Than You Ever Thought They Would’ve-Er.

The Royals give Dayton Moore and Ned Yost contract extensions

Dayton Moore, Ned Yost

The Royals announced today that they have signed general manager Dayton Moore and manager Ned Yost to contract extensions. Yost’s deal runs through 2018. Moore’s terms were not disclosed.

Both were entering their lame duck years. Moore has been at his post since 2006. Yost since 2010. The Royals are back-to-back A.L. pennant winners and reigning World Series champs so, you know, they’ve done an OK job.

We need to have a conversation about the Diamondbacks’ pants

Diamondbacks uniforms

The Diamondbacks introduced new uniforms back. We talked a lot about them here. The upshot: lots of bold designs and interesting new concepts, the likes of which we haven’t seen in baseball before.

The most interesting aspect of them are the dotted “snakeskin” patterns around the shoulders, the bottom of the pants, and on some of the caps. It’s definitely different. And, I suppose, kinda cool depending on how you feel about the whole “tradition” thing.

But it’s also a bit unsettling in the wild. Steve Gilbert tweeted this pic from Salt River Fields this morning. Notice anything?


If not, maybe this will help:


Yeah, it pretty much looks like the Diamondbacks just waded through the killing floor of a slaughterhouse. You’re not going to be able to unsee that all season, folks. Maybe you can live with it as some sort of metaphorical thing. Like, say, if the Dbacks are dominant this year you can picture a trail of dead enemies or something. Mostly, though, I’m just gonna try to look up. I’m rather squeamish.