Author: Craig Calcaterra

Tim Lincecum

Tim Lincecum will probably head back to the Giants rotation in 2015


The Giants are going to lose, in all likelihood, Jake Peavy and Ryan Vogelsong. Or at least one of them. Maybe both. That leaves Madison Bumgarner and Tim Hudson as locks. Matt Cain if he’s healthy. Likely Yusmeiro Petit and  . . .

Lincecum wasn’t used much in relief in the playoffs. He has been fighting it for years now, but it still seems like the Giants’ best bet would be to have him in the rotation.

Everth Cabrera is in more legal trouble

everth cabrera getty

Padres shortstop Everth Cabrera was arrested for domestic violence once, but had the charges dismissed. He was a Biogenesis All-Star. Then, late this season, he was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana. Now his legal problems have gotten worse:

San Diego’s District Attorney’s office has filed a criminal complaint against Padres shortstop Everth Cabrera for resisting an officer’s order by force in September when he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana, a spokesman said Thursday morning.

We sure that was marijuana in his system? I have been told that it’s not exactly a substance that makes one aggressive. Oh well.

The Padres were already considering other shortstop options this winter, partially because of Cabrera’s legal problems but mostly because of his health and production problems. This doesn’t help him, I don’t figure.

Raul Ibanez is one of the people being considered for the Rays manager job

Raul Ibanez Angels

Two years ago Jason Giambi was considered for the Rockies manager job even though he was — and still is — an active player. Now another active player is on the list of candidates for the Rays job:

Raul Ibanez played 90 games between the Angels and the Royals last year. Unfortunately for him, it appeared a though his age finally caught up with him. He traveled with the Royals through the playoffs but was not on the roster.

He has been talked about possibly being a manager one day. Or a broadcaster. Last week it was reported that the Yankees were considering him for a coaching job. Any way you slice it, the next phase of his career is about to begin.

Maybe as the Rays manager.

Yuri Sucart’s wife says A-Rod “is the devil” and that he peed on their floor to send a message

Alex Rodriguez devil horns

I don’t know what’s better about this story. That Yuri Sucart’s wife is so over the top in calling A-Rod out to be the devil — she actually called him that — or that, based on the byline, it took no fewer than four New York Daily News reporters to get this bad boy to print. Anyway:

An “evil” Alex Rodriguez urinated on the floor of his cousin’s home to send a message and mark his territory, Yuri Sucart’s wife told the Daily News Thursday in an explosive interview.

Carmen Sucart, whose husband, Yuri Sucart, is A-Rod’s estranged cousin and alleged steroid mule, blasted Rodriguez for accusing her deathly ill husband of trying to extort the troubled Yankee superstar.

You have to go to the story for the quotes because my copy-and-paste hand is shaking I am laughing so hard. Laughing at the idea of A-Rod recreating the pee-on-the-rug scene from Lebowski. Laughing at the wife of a guy who served as his cousin’s drug mule (and maybe for others) and who pretty clearly tried to shake him down and is now under a criminal indictment on seven felony counts calling Rodriguez the bad guy here. Laughing at the Daily News for implicitly agreeing with this by virtue of running this story with virtually no critical pushback or context that does not make A-Rod the devil.

But there’s sadness here too. I mean, dude, that rug really tied the room together.

The Padres are bringing in the left field fence at Petco — but only by 34 inches

petco park getty

The Mets aren’t the only ones bringing in the fences. The Padres are too. Except it’s by less than three feet and it’s only incidental to a larger, seating and video board overhaul, not an effort to boost offense:

In order to create better view clearance for the lower seating area, the upper box area will be recessed four feet and raised. That will result in the conversion of 192 existing seats to 111 bar-stool seats along two drink rails.

At the fence itself will be the addition of two rows of seats, which leads to the slight change in the fence in left field, the first modification in that area since the ballpark opened in 2004.

How slight? The fence will come in only 34 inches.

The Padres have brought the fences in before, but that focused on right field. I assume this change will amount to, what, one extra homer a year? Two maybe? If that?