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Mets’ Josh Edgin weighing Tommy John surgery


Josh Edgin, who was supposed to be the Mets’ top lefty out of the pen, had an MRI on his elbow the other day. The news could be worse, but it’s still pretty bad: his ligament is not torn, but it is “stretched out” and is considered compromised. The choice now: rehab vs. surgery, which Edgin will decide on in the coming days.

With Edgin out — and you have to figure that he’s out a good while, even if he doesn’t have surgery — the Mets’ bullpen is looking pretty thin, especially from the left side. Almost makes a fella think that they could’ve spent a few million bucks and brought in some more pitchers this past winter.


Maybe if everyone ignores A-Rod’s homer it didn’t happen?

Alex Rodriguez

Normally a spring training home run would be worth a bucket of warm spit, but when it’s hit by a guy who merely showing up, taking ground balls and hitting singles has literally been front page news this spring, it is a bit odd for it not to go commented upon.

Yet, as the Daily News notes, it went uncommented upon by the Yankees own Twitter feed. No mention of Alex Rodriguez’s home run at all during the game yesterday, and afterward it went with this:

As the Daily News notes, the Yankees’ Twitter feed is not run by a team employee — which, seriously Yankees? Join this century — but rather, an MLBAM person. Who, somehow, wasn’t aware that half of baseball Twitter was talking about A-Rod’s home run yesterday afternoon.

The story says that “the issue” — though it does not say what “the issue specifically was” — was being addressed and would be “rectified going forward.”

Peter Moylan to be a player-coach in the Braves minor league system

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves

We noted that Peter Moylan signed with the Braves the other day. But he’s not just pitching and trying to eventually make the team. Rather:

After talking to his wife and agent, Moylan confirmed that he would be crazy not to accept the Braves’ offer to spend this season as a player-coach for Rookie Level Danville and then potentially come to big league camp as one of Atlanta’s non-roster invitees next year.

Not a bad deal for a guy who is coming off his second Tommy John surgery and who could’ve reasonably expected that no one would have a place for him at all. Now he has time to rehab with no pressure on him to immediately perform. He has a plan for at least a year and, even better, it’s a plan with an organization he likes a lot. Moylan:

“The Braves have always been kind of like that ex-girlfriend that you always think about,” Moylan said. “I’d always check the Braves’ results and hope that they were doing well. But I can do it for real now and not have to hide it.”

“If you see her, say hello, she might be in Tangier. She left here last early spring, is livin’ there I hear . . . ”


Your weekly “Barry Bonds with some cheesy rando” picture has arrived

Barry Bonds Glass

Last week: Michael Bolton. This week:


I have long opposed the Character Clause on the Hall of Fame ballot, but if Barry Bonds keeps hanging out with people like this, I may have to reassess that position.

It’s the Yasiel Puig show at Sloan Park today

Yasiel Puig

MESA, Ariz. — Today’s game between the Cubs and the Dodgers hasn’t lived up to the hype of a Zack Greinke-Jon Lester matchup. Greinke wasn’t sharp. Lester was OK. Sort of whatever. As I write this it’s tied at three in the top of the fifth and we’re heading into the benches. Phil Coke is making his Cubs debut, so I suppose that’s something. Spring training: feel the excitement.

Know what is exciting, though? Yasiel Puig. He’s playing center field and hitting third for Los Angeles today. And if you just perused box scores you wouldn’t necessarily think too much of his day. A single and a run scored so far. But:

  • That single was a full-blown sprint on a ball hit deep to short that most players would not have beaten out;
  • After advancing to second, he was dead to rights between second and third on a grounder to third that looked as if it would go through. But he stopped, juked, jived, flopped and likely cast three spells of confusion on the third baseman, and managed to make it safely to third base. He then came around to score.
  • On defense he saved one run by throwing a laser to third base on sac fly, holding a baserunner at second. If he had tried to kill the run that scored on the sac, the runner would be at third. Before the inning ended with no more damage done, there was an infield single, meaning that the throw saved a run.
  • Earlier than that he hustled to cut off a ball in the gap, turning what should have been a three-run double into a two run single.
  • Just now, in the bottom of the fourth, Puig robbed Anthony Rizzo of extra bases by slamming into the wall to catch a rocket he hit to right-center for the inning’s third out. Puig appeared shaken up at first, but got up under his own power and ran back to the dugout to a huge, respectful round of applause by the Sloan Park fans.

I imagine that, somewhere, someone is writing a column in which they question Yasiel Puig’s judgment for playing a spring training game at Mach 2 with his hair on fire rather than saving it for the regular season. But these are the same folks who, somehow, can watch Yasiel Puig play baseball every day and think that he is anything other than a joy and a gift of a ballplayer. One that, yes, messes up a good bit, but one which shouldn’t bug people without a vested interest in the Los Angeles Dodgers the way he does.

Oh, and one who appears to continue to all of the right things — big and little — this spring.