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Justin Upton

The Padres are “all over” Justin Upton


Ken Rosenthal reports that the San Diego Padres are “all over” Justin Upton, and speculates what it might get to pry him away from the Braves and to put him in the outfield with Matt Kemp.

He also, correctly, notes that adding Matt Kemp and Justin Upton does not a contender make. If they do take that course — and if they give the Braves the sort of return they want for Upton, which is probably a good, team-controlled pitcher — one has to wonder what in tarnation the Padres think they’re accomplishing.

The Nationals and Bryce Harper settle their grievance

Bryce Harper

UPDATE: Rosenthal says it’s a two-year deal. Bob Nightengale says it’s for $7.5 million total. Which isn’t big, obviously, but it’s probably a bit of a savings over what Harper could expect from a couple of years of arbitration. Especially if he has the sort of healthy, breakout year many people expect he’s capable of.

8:30 AM: As we’ve noted before, the Nationals and Bryce Harper were scheduled for a grievance hearing tomorrow regarding whether or not Harper can be eligible for arbitration this year. This due to confusion over an opt-out provision Scott Boras and Harper claim was in his original contract with the Nats, allowing him to hit arbitration and which the Nats claim they never agreed to.

Now, however, it’s moot: the sides have reached a settlement:

Rosenthal speculates that Harper would’ve been slated to get around $2.5 million if he had hit arbitration, and that the settlement could run in that area or it could involve a short multi-year deal which avoids this dance again in the future.

Brandon McCarthy creates his own version of those great 1970s “Traded” cards

brandon mccarthy getty

In the 1970s, Topps would sometimes airbrush the baseball cards of players who switched teams in the offseason and of whom they could not get a photo in their new uniform. Peaking in 1977 when (a) there were two new expansion teams; and (b) the then-new free agency meant all kinds of player movement, they were often hilariously bad. Stuff like this:


I almost miss those things. But today, in the age of digital photography and photoshop, we really don’t have a chance to see them anymore. At least until now. Behold: new Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brandon McCarthy’s Twitter profile:


His wife is clearly impressed with his handiwork too:

If I worked for the Dodgers I’d put this one in the media guide.


The Orioles would consider Melky Cabrera on a 2-3 year deal

Melky Cabrera

It’s looking like Melky Cabrera is going to max out at a three-year deal at this point. First the Mariners “appeared unwilling” to go more than three years for Cabrera. Now Eduardo A. Encina of the Baltimore Sun reports that the Orioles would consider Melky Cabrera on a 2-3 year contract but they “ain’t going 4 tho,” according to Encina.

The outfield options available out there in the world aren’t fantastic beyond Cabrera, so it’ll be interesting to see if he holds out for four.

The Wade Miley deal will be official by Saturday

wade miley getty

The Wade Miley trade has been out there for a couple of days, but it’s not official yet. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reports, however, that the trade will be made official by Saturday.

The deal is still Allen Webster, Rubby De La Rosa and a minor leaguer heading to Arizona for Miley. The holdup is who the minor leaguer will be.