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Jered Weaver will decide if he wants to retire after the season is over


Jered Weaver is in the last year of his five-year, $85 million contract with the Angels. He’s also just barely hanging on. To the extent he is succeeding — and he has had his moments — it’s almost all on guile given that his velocity has almost completely abandoned him. Could he hang on a while longer? Probably. Guile aint’ nothing and there are worse pitchers than Weaver, but if he’s going to keep going it will almost certainly be as a year-to-year guy fighting for a job every winter and fighting for a roster spot every spring.

Some guys, especially guys who have made their money, may want to retire at that point. Weaver isn’t necessarily ruling it out, but he isn’t making any final decisions about it. Over the weekend he said “There’s still a lot of season left. When the time comes to answer those questions, I will.”

Weaver is a fascinating pitcher who has gone from dominant to pedestrian in an astonishingly short period of time. I presume that, on some level, all players have the normal aging curve in mind as their careers unfold, but I doubt many of them are as prepared for what has happened to Weaver or, say, Dale Murphy before him. I’m genuinely curious to see what Weaver does.


Tim Tebow’s “showcase” is set for August 30

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Tim Tebow, who is famous enough that his urge to participate in those old-dude fantasy camps has been transformed into an actual tryout for major league baseball teams, will hold his showcase for whichever scouts are morbidly curious enough to watch him perform on August 30 in Los Angeles, Jerry Crasnick reports.

In other news, NBC’s own Drew Silva has a preview of the showcase:

And here, via time travel, is video footage of Tebow’s tryout:


UPDATE: I hadn’t seen this but big league pitcher David Aardsma faced Tebow recently and he’s impressed with him. Take it for what it’s worth.


Video: Andrew Miller breaks Khris Davis’ ankles to end the Indians-A’s game


Khris Davis is not the most disciplined hitter in baseball history. He hits a lot of homers but he also strikes out a ton so it’s not like you can’t fool him with moderately nasty stuff.

But what if your stuff is more than moderately nasty? What if it’s like Andrew Miller‘s filthy, obscene and altogether inappropriate for children stuff? If that’s the case, you can make Khris Davis look supremely bad. Like, “break your ankles” bad:

There hasn’t been an Oakland A’s player drop like that since at least Friday.