Author: Craig Calcaterra

Ruben Amaro

Ruben Amaro is still unrealistic


From the only baseball writer who wakes up earlier than me:

Theory: it’s a bad idea to have the guy who was unable to determine the proper time to commence a tear-down and rebuild to actually run said tear-down and rebuild. By definition he values that which he has to an irrational level, thus he will continue to do so as a means of self-validation, be it conscious or otherwise.

It’s the same reason why family members of hoarders take them out for coffee or whatever when the health department comes by to rid their gross old house of all of those trash piles, bundled-up newspapers and Ryan Howards. A lack of objectivity, you see.

The Indians are thinking of trading Nick Swisher. This is a big problem.

Nick Swisher

Ken Rosenthal reports that the Indians are considering training Nick Swisher “for another player with an inflated contract.” I like challenge trades like that, but I think there are some larger implications here.

Last year the Indians selected a “Governor of Brohio” as a Swisher tie-in. What becomes of him? I think, per the constitution of the State of Brohio, that guy actually becomes the Tribe’s starting first baseman if Swisher is unable to perform his duties.

And where would you trade Swisher anyway? BroYork? Broladelphia? Broakland? Chicagbro? To the Baltimore Broioles? If you’re doing a challenge trade that might work as the Indians could get Ubaldbro Jimenez back, but they let him go a year ago for pete’s sake.

At this point I think it’d be hard to move Swisher. Especially with that contract. Maybe if he waived the $30 million he was owed and requested free agency he could persuade a team in Bropan to sign him. Like, say, the Hiroshima Broyo Carp. Or the Brokohama Bay Stars.

No, he’d never sign with the Bromiuri Giants. That organization is far too conservative to be interested in Swisher. Let’s not be silly here.

The Astros have checked in on Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson

The Astros and Brett Anderson:

This seems far more humane than all of that “aggressive” business the Dodgers and Marlins have been up to.

Astros: You doin’ OK, Brett?

Brett Anderson: Yeah, I’m alright.

Astros: Can we get anything for you, big guy? You thirsty?

Brett Anderson: No, I’m good. But thanks.

Astros: You, just checking in. Night, champ.

Much, much more pleasant, no?

As for Anderson: he was the A’s Opening Day starter in 2013. And he has the stuff to where he could easily be a front line starter again. It’s just a matter of him staying healthy. I presume the gamble on him won’t cost a ton, and certainly could pay off big.


The Marlins have shown “aggressive interest” in Adam LaRoche

adam laroche getty

First the Dodgers were said to be “aggressively pursuing” Alexi Ramirez. Which made me think of this:


Now the Marlins have shown “aggressive interest” in Adam LaRoche, reports Jayson Stark. Which makes some sense given what we learned about how backloaded Giancarlo Stanton’s deal is. LaRoche would be a good, short-term investment for a team looking for an offensive boost.

Meanwhile, at some party Sammy Sosa attended

sammy sosa getty

Hmm, I wonder what Sammy Sosa has been up to lately, I really—-



Hmm, I wonder what Juan Gonzalez has been up to, I really miss that guy . . .