Author: Craig Calcaterra

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Brian Cashman slept on the street to raise money for homeless children


Yankees GM Brian Cashman makes the news in the offseason for making big free agent signings and, occasionally, for rappelling down buildings. But he’s done something else for the past four years which is more meaningful. And he did it again last night:

Brian Cashman expected not to get much sleep Thursday night. But not because he’s worrying about missing out on any big free-agent signings. For the fifth consecutive year, the New York Yankees general manager planned to sleep outside in the blustery West 41st Street courtyard of Covenant House as part of an annual nationwide event to raise money to benefit homeless children and adolescents.

In the story Cashman explains how bad just one night can be, and that “no one should have to live like that.” He’s absolutely right there.

Some good work from the guy who runs the allegedly evil empire.

Padres, Braves are favorites for Yasmany Tomas

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20 Comments’s Jesse Sanchez reports that the Padres and Braves “have emerged as the favorites” for Yasmany Tomas.

Of course, being a favorite isn’t a guarantee of anything. The Phillies were considered the favorite for Tomas until, like, yesterday, but have “cooled” on him. The Braves and Padres, not typically the top bidders for high-profile guys, could do the same and we could see other teams emerge. As of yesterday it was reported that Tomas would attend the Winter Meetings in San Diego. That’s more than two weeks from now, and a lot can happen in two weeks.

Whoever ends up with him will pay a pretty penny, of course. Sanchez says that that Tomas is seeking $15 million per season on a 5-7 year deal, but could seek more per year on a shorter-term deal to take advantage of free agency a second time before he gets too much mileage on the odometer.

Sexual assualt charges reinstated against Tigers pitcher Evan Reed

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UPDATE: The Judge handling the sexual assault case against Tigers pitcher Evan Reed has reinstated charges. It would appear, then, that Reed is heading for a trial arising out of the March incident.

Wednesday, 12:30 PM: Back in August, charges of “criminal sexual conduct” leveled against Tigers pitcher Evan Reed were dropped. The basis was a lack of probable cause, according to the judge’s finding. The judge specifically found that his accuser was not credible and that there was no evidence that she was incapacitated, as per her allegations against Reed.

Prosecutors have appealed that finding, however:

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office is appealing the dismissal of criminal sexual conduct charges against baseball pitcher Evan Reed, who started and ended this past season with the Detroit Tigers.

The appeal will be heard at 9 a.m. on Friday before Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Michael Callahan.

There is nothing in the article to suggest that there is new evidence against Reed. So, presumably, the prosecution will still have to base the bulk of its case on the witness, who the previous judge found to have “backtracked” and gave “vacillating testimony.”

The Reds are considering dealing Jay Bruce

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Ken Rosenthal reports that the Reds “have engaged in preliminary discussions” about trading outfielder Jay Bruce. He says the Padres are one team they have spoken to.

Bruce is coming off the worst season of his career, so it is something of a sell-low situation. Which could be why, according to Rosenthal, the Reds aren’t committed to dealing him as much as they are merely feeling other teams out on the idea.

Bruce is under team control through 2017. If he bounces back, he’d be a nice pickup for someone, given that before his bad 2014 — which the Reds attribute to lingering effects from a injury — he posted four straight years of solid production and represents a rare source of team-controlled power.

Replay system is going to keep managers’ challenges

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Joe Torre said last week that replay will be tweaked in order to keep managers from meandering out on to the field as their coaches decide whether or not to challenge a call. Based on what Rob Manfred said at the owners meetings yesterday, that doesn’t really seem possible:

“I think the core of replay is going to be similar,” Manfred said. “I think the changes that we’re contemplating are largely technology, cameras, things like that. There are some issues related to exactly how long it takes to get the replay going that we’re looking at.”

So managers’ challenges are still going to be a thing. Which, for reasons we’ve articulated countless times around here, is dumb. Dumb and, to date, never really justified publicly by Major League Baseball. Really, I went back and looked at coverage on this going back a couple of years and I can’t find an instance where Joe Torre or anyone else explained what makes managers’ challenges a good thing. But oh well.