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Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano reportedly unhappy in Seattle, would like to go back to New York


Last week Andy Van Slyke made the news for, among other things, ripping Robinson Cano in a radio interview, claiming that he was lazy, loafed and ended up getting coaches fired in Seattle. There has been a ton of criticism of Van Slyke for saying that, and today John Harper in the Daily News offers several quotes from the Mariners’ former third base coach, Rich Donnelly, defending Cano and his work ethic.

Buried deep in that story, however, is this bit:

So maybe Van Slyke is just so bitter about being fired that he needed someone to blame. But even if Cano has had the best intentions as a Mariner, one long-time friend who spoke to him recently says the second baseman is not happy in Seattle, especially with a new regime in charge there now, and that he’d love to somehow find his way back to New York.

One figures that after some Mariners PR people get to Cano and/or he makes public appearances and meets with the new manager Cano will come out whistling another tune about all of this, even if he is secretly unhappy in Seattle. And, of course, given his age and his contract, any sort of deal to send him back to New York is a pipe dream at the absolute best.

Sign for the big bucks in Seattle, deal with the big problems that tend to be fairly common in Seattle.

The Dodgers have expressed interest in Aroldis Chapman

Aroldis Chapman

This morning I saw a tweet about how “desirable” the Dodgers manager job is, noting that it’s great as long as you’re cool with a team that has one ace, one decent reliever, four platoon outfielders, no second baseman a huge payroll and sky-high expectations. I realize that the offseason is young and that the club will make moves, but there’s a core of truth to that and I laughed.

One of those problems would definitely be fixed if what Jon Heyman says has some legs: he reports that the Dodgers have expressed interest in Reds closer Aroldis Chapman.

Chapman, of course, is the most dominant reliever in the sport, having struck out 546 dudes in 319 career innings. If you paired him with Kenley Jansen, that’d be some Kansas City Royals-style late inning dominance. It’d also be a nice “welcome aboard” present for new manager Dave Roberts.

Peter Angelos is directly involved in Chris Davis negotiations

Chris Davis

Buster Olney of ESPN reports that Orioles owner Peter Angelos is “personally involved in the team’s effort to re-sign” free agent first baseman Chris Davis.

You have to figure that suggests the O’s are seriously wanting Davis back. Which makes a lot of sense given that power is scarce these days and that, despite striking out a whole lot, Davis is still one of the premier power hitters in the game. He posted a .923 OPS with 47 home runs and 117 RBI in 160 games this past season for Baltimore. If the O’s don’t keep him, they’ll have a big hole in the middle of their lineup.