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The Wrigley Field renovations are nice . . . for some


Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune has a story about new-look Wrigley Field.

The historic park has undergone renovations in each of the last couple of offseasons and will continue to do so in future offseasons in a massive, mutli-year overhaul. It’s an overhaul that was certainly necessary. The park was not a wreck or anything, but it was certainly showing its age, with chunks of concrete crumbling in some places.

Another concern: it was antiquated as far as amenities for players were concerned. The clubhouses and dugouts were cramped and, it was feared, the Cubs would be at a competitive disadvantage if they could not make the place more comfortable for the men who played there. As Sullivan reports, that has been dramatically improved and the players seem to like it so far.

Not everyone is happy, though. Expanding the dugout has led to a slight problem for people sitting down the left field line:

When the Cubs decided to move and enlarge the dugouts and build a swanky, exclusive club behind home plate, they also changed some of the seats down the left- and right-field lines, making them smaller.

Some complained those aren’t big enough for regular-sized fans. One said they were built for “middle school students,” and another wondered if they were modeled after middle seats in the back of airplanes. One fan called it the “120-pound or less section,” and another called the section “the Spirit Airlines of stadium seats.”

I’m sure there’s plenty of room in that swanky, exclusive club behind home plate, though.

The Mariners turned an odd triple play with the help of Evan Gattis

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Astros DH Evan Gattis unwittingly helped the Mariners complete a triple play in the fourth inning of Thursday afternoon’s game at Safeco Field. The Astros put runners on first and second on consecutive singles by Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa, bringing Gattis to the plate.

Gattis check-swung at a first-pitch curve from Marco Gonzales, hitting a grounder to third base. Kyle Seager stepped on the third base bag and then threw to second base for the second out. There was not nearly enough time for Robinson Cano to get the throw to first base to complete a triple play. Gattis ostensibly lost track of the number of outs in the inning, so he just circled back to the dugout and the Mariners completed their triple play since Gattis went out of the baseline.

That’s the first triple play of the 2018 season. It’s the Mariners’ first triple play since July 26, 2015 against the Blue Jays.