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Zack Cozart’s wife is savage


There’s a good story by Pedro Moura up at The Athletic (subscription only) about Zack Cozart.

Cozart, of course, has been a shortstop for his entire career, but he’s moving to third base with the Angels since they have the best defensive shortstop in the game in Andrelton Simmons. Still, players get very invested in their defensive positions, especially if its a glory position like shortstop or center field. As such, Cozart had to think hard about signing with the Angels and moving off short.

He did that, thinking he’d at least be staying in the middle infield by playing some second base, but then another wrinkle was presented: the Angels traded for Ian Kinsler, meaning that it was third base or nothing for Cozart. He, again, had to think hard about how to process it.

What put him over? His wife, who did not beat around the dang bush:

Cozart hung up the phone. He and his wife, Chelsea, lingered along the curb to discuss it. He was already going to move from his lifelong shortstop to accommodate Andrelton Simmons. Would this be much different? His wife moved the conversation forward with force.

“Quit being a baby,” she said. “Do you want to go play for the Reds, or do you want to play for the Angels? One team’s trying to win.”

I hereby nominate Chelsea Cozart as the next Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Players’ Association.

Daniel Murphy will miss the start of the season

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Daniel Murphy said today that he will not be ready for Opening Day and will start the year on the disabled list.

Murphy had microfracture knee surgery last October. While he has been able to take batting practice and field ground balls, his lateral movement is still limited. In his absence — which is not expected to last past mid-April or so — Howie Kendrick will get the bulk of the playing time at second base.

Murphy hit .322/.384/.543, smacked 23 homers and knocked in 93 RBI in 2017.