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Rangers sign Edinson Volquez to two-year minor league contract


The Texas Rangers have signed Edinson Volquez to a two year minor league contract.

That’s a somewhat odd thing to do, but it makes sense in  Volquez’s situation: he underwent Tommy John surgery in August and will miss almost all of this year as he’s rehabbing. He’s still being paid $13 million by the Miami Marlins for 2018, so the Rangers get an almost free year of him for his rehab and then an extraordinarily inexpensive year of him in 2019. Specifically, $2 million if he makes the big league club. If he doesn’t come back the way they’d like to see, they can simply let him go since he’ll be on a minor league deal.

Volquez’s injury-aborted 2017 campaign featured a 4.19 ERA and an 81/53 K/BB ratio in 92 1/3 innings across 17 starts, including a no-hitter against the Diamondbacks in June.

Volquez, as you may remember, came up with the Rangers in 2005 and was traded to the Cincinnati Reds before the 2008 season for Josh Hamilton. Happy homecoming, Edinson.

The Milwaukee Brewers perform “The Sandlot”

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A lot of teams do funny promo videos during spring training. The Seattle Mariners have led the league in this category for years now, with their marketing and p.r. folks producing and a lot of game and sometimes hammy players starring in some excellent clips. They’re doing them again this year, if you’re curious.

The Milwaukee Brewers have hopped on the humor train in 2018, and their latest entry in this category of commercials is excellent. It’s their riff on “The Sandlot.”

The biggest difference: Smalls really could kill you in this one. Brett Phillips is a lot more jacked than the kid who played Scotty in the original was.

The Beast, however, is just as terrifying now as he was in 1993.