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J.D. Martinez ‘fed up’ with Red Sox, could sit out beginning of season


Baseball wise, J.D. Martinez and the Red Sox are a perfect match. The Sox could use some DH power and Martinez would likely rake in Fenway Park. Business-wise, though, the Sox and Martinez have not been able to match up.

The Red Sox reportedly offered Martinez $100 million over five years, but no one has confirmed that. Obviously, however, they have not offered enough to inspire Martinez to sign. In the meantime, GM Dave Dombrowski has made statements about how little the Red Sox need Martinez while Martinez has seethed. Last month his agent, Scott Boras, suggested that Martinez may even sit out the beginning of the season. He’s still considering it.

Last night Evan Drellich of NBC Sports Boston spoke to agent Boras and Boras repeated that his client is willing to wait until after the start of Spring Training to sign a contract. At the same time Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports that Martinez has become “fed up” with the lack of flexibility on Boston’s part and may prefer playing elsewhere.

The posturing is not shocking — the Red Sox and Martinez should each try to get the best deal they can and playing coy or angry or what have you is often the best way to do that. Given all that has happened — or hasn’t happened — this offseason, of course, it’s hard not to read more than posturing into all of this.

All of this seems like a mess right now. Once the season starts, however, I can’t help but think that a lot of teams are going to have a lot of unfilled needs and a lot of fans are going to wonder why they didn’t address them in the offseason.

Report: J.D. Martinez signing delayed by medical issue

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The Red Sox reportedly inked free agent outfielder J.D. Martinez to a five-year, $110 million contract last Monday, but there appears to be a slight hitch in the process. According to a report from Evan Drellich of NBC Sports Boston, the team is sorting through a medical issue that has delayed the signing. The specific nature of the issue has yet to be revealed, though Drellich adds that both the team and agent Scott Boras have involved additional medical experts in the process.

For what it’s worth, Martinez remained fairly healthy during his 2017 run with the Tigers and Diamondbacks. The 30-year-old outfielder spent six weeks on the disabled list after suffering a right foot sprain during camp, but managed to make a full recovery by mid-May and didn’t relapse once throughout the rest of the year. Of course, the medical issue holding up his new contract could be of an entirely different nature.

While spring training is already underway for the rest of the Red Sox, club manager Alex Cora doesn’t appear too concerned by Martinez’s absence — yet. “The thing I can do is my thing,” he told’s Ian Browne. “My job here is to show up every day and get ’em ready.”