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Peter Angelos might veto any Manny Machado trade


The Baltimore Orioles have spent over a week considering possible Manny Machado trades. It’s a simple calculation, really. They don’t think they can sign him when he becomes a free agent after the 2018 season and they’re trying to get something for him rather than nothing but a draft pick.

Jim Bowden of Sirius XM and The Athletic hears, however, that Orioles’ ownership may not be willing to sign off on trading Manny Machado even if GM Dan Duquette can strike a deal. Bowden says that eight teams have made offers to the O’s for Machado.

It was previously reported that Peter Angelos wouldn’t trade Machado to an interdivisional rival like the Yankees, which is understandable. But it now seems like he’s hesitant to trade Machado anywhere. That could be because he’s worried that an acquiring team might flip Machado to the Yankees, which is a distinct possibility. It could be, though, that he just doesn’t want to part with his star player.

The Orioles are reportedly eager to be done with the Machado drama, one way or another, this week. If Angelos is looming with his veto pen, it may very well be “the other.”

Jose Reyes is hitless in 20 plate appearances to start the season

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Mets backup infielder Jose Reyes pinch-hit and popped up in the top of the eighth inning of Thursday night’s game in Atlanta against the Braves. That ran his streak up to 20 consecutive hitless plate appearances to start the 2018 season. He has reached base once, however, on a walk, so there’s that.

Reyes, 34, signed a one-year, $2 million contract with the Mets near the end of January. At the time, the Mets hadn’t yet signed Todd Frazier, so Reyes was in the mix to contribute as a utilityman but he has operated as a bat off the bench for the most part this season.

One wonders how much longer the Mets are going to let Reyes flounder. According to FanGraphs, he has already been worth a half-win less than a replacement-level player. Only eight other players have been as bad or worse this season.