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Jake Peavy wants to pitch in 2018


Jake Peavy didn’t pitch in 2017, but it wasn’t because he couldn’t convince someone to let him. As we wrote around the time spring got underway, Peavy was going through a lot of personal struggles last offseason, still reeling from being one of the victims of a major investment scam and then dealing with a divorce that made him, quite understandably, want to spend time at home with his children while he sorted all of that out. He took the year off.

It’s been a while now, and Peavy seems to be in a better place. He also wants to pitch again, Mark Feinsand reports.

Peavy is somehow still only 36 — he’ll turn 37 early next season. His 2016 season was not good, as he posted a 5.54 ERA in 118 2/3 innings with the Giants, but one wonders if him being in a better headspace and having a year of rest on his right arm will make him a useful pitcher in 2017. He’ll have to work his way on to a team via a minor league invite, but you figure at least one club might give the 2007 Cy Young Award winner some locker space to find out if he has anything left in the tank.



Giants, Cardinals reportedly have offers on the table for Giancarlo Stanton

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We’re entering what is typically one of the slowest news weeks in the baseball calendar. Occasionally some big free agents sign around now. For example, it was 20 years ago today Andres Galarraga signed with the Braves, and I still remember being in an airport on the way home to visit my parents when I heard the news. I’m an old man.

The biggest news that is likely to happen this offseason is Giancarlo Stanton being traded. That hasn’t happened yet, but here are the latest bits of news on that:

Jon Morosi of MLB Network reports that the Cardinals have made a formal trade offer to the Marlins for Stanton. No word what they’re offering, but the clubs have been in discussion for some time and it has been reported that the Marlins are the most interested in doing a deal with St. Louis due to the prospects they could send to Miami. There is a sense, however, that Stanton would be hesitant to approve a trade to the Cardinals because he prefers to play on the West Coast;

The Giants play on the west coast, and over the weekend they were reported to be the “most aggressive team” in trade talks for Stanton at the moment. Ken Rosenthal reports that the Giants have likewise made an offer. Their farm system is nowhere near as stocked as that of the Cardinals, so it’s unclear whether they have the prospects to make Miami happy. They could, of course, eat a lot of Stanton’s $295 million contract to make up for that, of course, but (a) doing so would put them over the luxury tax; and (b) the Marlins no doubt want to spur a rebuild with a Stanton trade, so if they can’t get some blue chip prospects back in return, what’s the point?

UPDATE: Who knows if this is anywhere close to enough — I’m guessing not — but this is what the Giants reportedly have on the table:

Anyway, that’s where we are as we begin Thanksgiving week.