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Video: Andrew McCutchen hits his 200th career home run


Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen reached a milestone on Wednesday against the Brewers, hitting his 200th career home run. The homer came with the bases empty and two outs in the top of the first inning against Chase Anderson, opening the scoring.

McCutchen, 30, has quietly had a bounce-back year after a disappointing 2016 campaign, though his numbers still aren’t where they used to be in his prime. He entered Wednesday’s action batting .275/.363/.474 with 24 home runs, 77 RBI, and 83 runs scored in 589 plate appearances.

Video: Troy Tulowitzki plays along with a photographer who thought he was a pitcher

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Thursday marked photo day for the Blue Jays. There are always some oddities, usually when the players create fun for themselves. This time, the fun happened when a photographer mistook shortstop Troy Tulowitzki for a pitcher. Tulowitzki rolled with it and followed the photographer’s instructions to pose like a pitcher.

Hazel Mae has the hilarious video:

Hitters, of course, typically pose with a bat over their shoulder. Pitchers typically have their hand in their glove, sometimes leaning forward as if receiving the signs from their catcher.

Tulowitzki has exclusively played shortstop during his 12-year career in the majors, but perhaps one day he’ll step on the mound and be able to call himself a pitcher.