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The Red Sox think the Yankees are picking on them


Evan Drellich of has a story today about how the Red Sox think the Yankees are trying to harass them.

Really! In the wake of the sign-stealing thing, Drellich notes that the Yankees have lodged other, less meritorious complaints against the Sox with the league office. And to be sure, the example he provides — the Yankees claiming that Doug Fister was wearing some sort of earpiece in the dugout when he really just had his mouthguard on his ear — suggests some level of pettiness on the part of the Yankees.

I don’t have any strong opinions about this. It’s somewhat amusing. It’s also possible to acknowledge that, yeah, if the Yankees are making these kinds of complaints on a regular basis, they’re being petty and tacky.

But I have to say, the headline — “Red Sox feel Yankees going out of their way to harass them” — is kind of funny. I’m picturing them as Margaret DuMont and the Yankees as the Marx Brothers, hectoring her until she has no choice but to retire to her fainting couch.


Aaron Boone interviewed for the Yankees manager job today

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4 Comments’s Bryan Hoch reports that ESPN broadcaster Aaron Boone interviewed for the Yankees’ manager job today. No word as to whether he hit a big home run.

Boone, an ESPN analyst, obviously has some history with the Yankees, but he has no coaching experience at any level. Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote earlier this week of Boone that the Yankees “are intrigued if his charisma and passion can compensate for inexperience.” I’d say the answer to that question, whenever asked and in whatever context, is always “no,” but I suppose there’s a first time for everything.

So far the Yankees have interviewed Rob Thomson, Eric Wedge and Hensley Meulens. Yesterday Brian Cashman said there was no rush to fill the job, and that the Winter Meetings are not a deadline for the team in doing so.