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Major League Baseball admits that the replay umps screwed up last night


Earlier today we wrote about how the replay officials covering last night’s Cardinals-Giants game messed up the replay review of a ball hit by Brandon Crawford. The call on the field was a home run but the replay crew overturned it, awarding Crawford a ground rule double. For reasons explained in our post, the call was totally blown and should’ve remained a homer.

A little bit ago Major League Baseball issued a press release acknowledging the mistake:


That’s cold comfort for Crawford and Giants fans, but it’s not like there’s a mechanism in place to replay the game or give him the dinger. And, of course, given where the Giants are right now, the mistake has no impact on the playoffs or anything. We’ll shed a tear if Crawford falls one homer short of some epic milestone, but until then it just kinda stinks. Life kinda stinks sometimes. There’s not always a satisfying remedy.

Miguel Sano gained weight this offseason

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Not all players coming in to spring training are in The Best Shapes of Their Lives. Some have put on a few pounds, such as Miguel Sano, notes Twins GM Thad Levine:

Sano has been given medical clearance to engage in all baseball workouts with his teammates, his surgically reinforced left shin now completely healed, though the Twins intend to lighten his schedule to prevent any new injuries.

They’d like to lighten something else, too: His “generous carriage,” as General Manager Thad Levine delicately put it last week. Sano’s conditioning understandably lags, after a winter largely spent incapacitated by the surgery.

Sano’s conditioning has often been a topic of conversation among the members of the Minnesota press corps, though not always in good faith. For example, last year when Sano injured his shin by fouling a ball off of it, one member of the The Fourth Estate found a way to make a column out of blaming the freak injury on Sano’s conditioning. At least in this instance his colleague is correctly noting that the poor conditioning is a result of the injury and not the cause.

Still, it’s just another issue facing Sano this spring. He’s out of shape, coming off of an injury, and — not that he’s due any sympathy for it — he’s facing a likely suspension arising out of the allegations of sexual assault leveled against him late last year.

So this spring we’ll be seeing more of Sano, it seems. At least until that time we’ll be seeing less of him.