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Yonder Alonso, Carlos Correa and George Springer move into the lead in AL All-Star Voting


The latest update of the American League All-Star voting is in and it reveals three new names at the top of their respective positions.

Yonder Alonso of the A’s has moved ahead of Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers for first place in a crowded first base race. At shortstop Carlos Correa of the Astros has passed Francisco Lindor of the Indians at shortstop. Finally, George Springer has moved into third place among outfielders, joining Aaron Judge and Mike Trout in starting position. Of course Trout is unlikely to be ready to play in the All-Star Game due to his injury, which makes fourth place outfielder Michael Brantly a defacto starter.

Obviously, things can change before the close of voting. But here is where the AL stands now:



We now have photographic proof that Tom Ricketts and Ted Cruz are different people

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A lot of people think they have a double walking around someplace on Earth. They may actually be right. We have an example of this in baseball and politics.

Cubs owner Tom Ricketts looks a lot like Texas senator Ted Cruz. Or, since Ricketts is older, I guess Cruz looks like Ricketts. Either way, they could play brothers if someone put on, like, the worst ever production of some play about brothers.

If you’re not familiar with one or both of those guys, take a gander at the photo that was taken of the two of them in Washington this morning as the Cubs made the rounds with their World Series trophy:

If they put those rings together, Tom can turn into any animal and Ted can turn into anything made out of water. True story.


Anthony Rizzo calls out Miguel Montero for calling out Jake Arreita

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The morning we posted about Miguel Montero calling out his pitcher, Jake Arrieta, for allowing the Nationals to steal seven bases last night. Our view, of course, was that (a) it wasn’t all Arrieta’s fault; and (b) even if it was, publicly calling out your teammates like that is probably not a great idea and certainly isn’t a good look.

When I saw Montero’s comments I assumed that they would not play well in the Cubs’ clubhouse. I was right about that. Anthony Rizzo appeared on ESPN 1000 in Chicago this morning and had this to say:

Referring to Willson Contreras, of course, who has allowed 31 stolen bases to opponents while behind the dish. Coincidentally, Montero has allowed 31 stolen bases when he has played as well. Contreras has played in 24 more games than Montero, by the way.

I predict that, by around 3pm when the clubhouses open, we’ll see a public apology by Montero.