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Saturday set a record with seven grand slams hit

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Albert Pujols made headlines yesterday when he hit a grand slam for his 600th career home run. He wasn’t the only player to hit a grand slam, though — he was joined by six other players, setting a record for grand slams hit in one day,’s David Adler reports.

Mike Zunino, Kyle Schwarber, Matt Adams, Ian Desmond, Travis Shaw, and Chris Taylor also hit dingers with the sacks juiced.

Six grand slams were hit on May 21, 2000, which was the previous record. The authors of those slams: Garret Anderson, J.T. Snow, Brian Hunter, Jason Giambi, Shawn Green, and Adrian Beltre.

How Yu Darvish tipped his pitches during the World Series

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You hear a lot about pitchers tipping pitches. It’s often offered up post-facto as an excuse for poor performance by the pitcher himself or his own team. It’s sort of like the “best shape of my life” thing being offered in the offseason to talk about why the player got injured or played badly the previous year. “Smitty’s stuff is still great, he was just tipping his pitches,” said a source close to the player whose stuff is not really great anymore.

Which isn’t to say that pitchers don’t tip pitches. Of course they do. Opposing teams look for it, pick up on it and take advantage of it whenever they can. It’s just that (a) the opposing team has an interest in not talking about it, lest the pitcher STOP tipping its pitches; and (b) the guy actually tipping his pitches doesn’t want to talk specifically about it lest he starts doing it again.

Which is what makes this article at Sports Illustrated so interesting. In it Tom Verducci talks to an anonymous Houston Astros player who explains how Dodgers starter Yu Darvish was tipping his pitches during the World Series, leading to him getting absolutely shellacked in Games 3 and 7. The upshot: the Astros knew when a slider or a cutter was coming, they waited for it and they teed off.

Darvish is a free agent now. I’m guessing, whoever signs him, knows exactly what they’ll gave him work on the first day of spring training.