Hawk Harrelson to retire after the 2018 season


Hawk Harrelson is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most White Sox fans I know love him, but most non-White Sox fans find him to be . . . something less than tolerable. To each his own, I suppose.

But no matter where you fall on that spectrum, you’ll either be forced to live without Hawk or free of him forever following the 2018 season:

He’ll be on an abbreviated schedule next year, working only 20 games.

Hawk is 75 years-old now and has been working Sox games for over 30 years. The guy is entitled to some retired life. Maybe he can spend some time putting [the puck] on the [shuffle] board . . . yes!

Report: Momentum in talks between Mariners, Jon Jay

Jon Durr/Getty Images

MLB.com’s Mark Feinsand reports that there is some momentum in talks between the Mariners and free agent outfielder Jon Jay.

Jay, 32, hit .296/.374/.375 in 433 plate appearances with the Cubs last season, which is adequate. He’s heralded more for his defense and his ability to play all three outfield spots.

The Mariners are losing center fielder Jarrod Dyson to free agency and likely don’t want to rely on Guillermo Heredia next season, hence the interest in Jay. The free agent class for center fielders is otherwise relatively weak.