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Conservative estimates have Noah Syndergaard missing three months


Joel Sherman of the New York Post is hearing that initial conservative estimates have Noah Syndergaard missing three months. Again: that’s the conservative estimate. Things may not be quite as bad as that.

Syndergaard was diagnosed with a partial tear of his right lat muscle on Monday. Today he’s heading to Los Angeles for a second opinion. The timetable may be a bit more definite following that visit.

If the Mets are competitive come July, look to see people talking about that timetable. If they’re way out of it, look for people talking about just shutting down Thor until next year. Either way, it’s New York, so people will argue about this and second guess whatever decision is made regardless. And not for no reason, really. It’s the Mets.

Chris Sale exits game with hip contusion

Chris Sale
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Red Sox left-hander Chris Sale made a hasty exit from his final Grapefruit League outing on Saturday after sustaining a left hip contusion. He was struck on the leg with a line drive from the Astros’ J.D. Davis in the first inning and immediately collapsed on the mound. He was able to walk off the field without a noticeable limp, however, and later told reporters that the ball struck a nerve and temporarily stunned his leg. As a precautionary move, the Red Sox pulled him after the incident and will have the left-hander undergo X-rays to rule out any further injury to his hip.

This was expected to be Sale’s last start of spring training. Prior to Saturday’s matinee against the Astros, the 28-year-old southpaw made three starts in camp, allowing five runs, one home run, three walks and striking out 18 batters in 14 innings. He’s still on track to start the season for the Red Sox during their road opener against the Rays next Thursday.