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Derek Jeter is going to be a dad


Hannah Jeter writes a column in The Players Tribune. Writing can be a tough business to break into, but I guess she knows someone there or something.

Anyway, the upshot of the column is Hannah, who you might know was an internationally famous model before she met The Captain, talking about how she came to know Jeter and how they grew together as a couple. Maybe not the sort of thing you care about, but it’s interesting insofar as she didn’t really know much about baseball when she met him and did not really understand that Jeter is kind of a big deal in New York. It’s also interesting in that she announces publicly that she and Jeter are expecting a daughter soon.

Which, again, is not significant in and of itself, but is significant insfor as Derek Jeter becoming a father is the launching pad for great old jokes like this:

We kid because we love, Derek.

Jose Reyes is hitless in 20 plate appearances to start the season

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Mets backup infielder Jose Reyes pinch-hit and popped up in the top of the eighth inning of Thursday night’s game in Atlanta against the Braves. That ran his streak up to 20 consecutive hitless plate appearances to start the 2018 season. He has reached base once, however, on a walk, so there’s that.

Reyes, 34, signed a one-year, $2 million contract with the Mets near the end of January. At the time, the Mets hadn’t yet signed Todd Frazier, so Reyes was in the mix to contribute as a utilityman but he has operated as a bat off the bench for the most part this season.

One wonders how much longer the Mets are going to let Reyes flounder. According to FanGraphs, he has already been worth a half-win less than a replacement-level player. Only eight other players have been as bad or worse this season.