Former Mets executive sues Jeff Wilpon, alleging he fired her for having a baby without being married


It’s been a banner week for sports figures treating women like crap. So let’s throw these allegations in a lawsuit against Jeff Wilpon and Mets, filed by the team’s former executive vice president for marketing and ticket sales. From the New York Post:

A former high-ranking franchise executive claims she was canned by the team because COO Jeff Wilpon objected to her becoming pregnant out of wedlock, according to a stunning Brooklyn federal court lawsuit filed Wednesday. Jeff is the son of Fred Wilpon, who owns the team.

Penn grad and former soccer player Leigh Castergine said Wilpon and the Mets dumped her from her powerful position as head of marketing and ticket sales last month because the bumbling ownership was “morally opposed” to her out-of-wedlock pregnancy.

Here is the complaint.

Castergine claims that Wilpon told senior executives that he was ‘morally opposed’ to her  ‘having this baby without being married,’” and claims that Wilpon told her that, “when she gets a ring, she will make more money and get a bigger bonus.” After she had the baby he criticized her for remaining unmarried and for not being as “aggressive” as she once was. When she complained to HR, she was fired, she claimed.

You can’t do that sort of thing, see, because (a) it’s illegal; and (b) even if it wasn’t illegal, it’s not right to treat people like garbage. Whether what happened fit either of those descriptions will be determined as the case proceeds, of course.

But really: having to market and sell tickets for the Mets is already a degrading experience. That anyone would make that worse is beyond the pale.

Report: Momentum in talks between Mariners, Jon Jay

Jon Durr/Getty Images
3 Comments’s Mark Feinsand reports that there is some momentum in talks between the Mariners and free agent outfielder Jon Jay.

Jay, 32, hit .296/.374/.375 in 433 plate appearances with the Cubs last season, which is adequate. He’s heralded more for his defense and his ability to play all three outfield spots.

The Mariners are losing center fielder Jarrod Dyson to free agency and likely don’t want to rely on Guillermo Heredia next season, hence the interest in Jay. The free agent class for center fielders is otherwise relatively weak.