Looking at the remaining schedules of the playoff contenders


Jeff Passan of Yahoo breaks down the remaining schedules of the playoff contenders today.

The Yankees are at one end of the spectrum. The Dodgers are on the other end. To find out which is which, go read the article. But know that the most interesting part of the thing is that he has 19 teams as “playoff contenders,” which (a) is pretty much right, even if there are a few stretches in there; and (b) that level of parity means that the differences between the hardest and the easiest schedules may not be all that great, actually.

Report: MLB likely to unilaterally implement pace of play changes

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick reports that talks between Major League Baseball and the MLB Players’ Association concerning pace of play changes have stalled, which makes it more likely that commissioner Rob Manfred unilaterally implements the changes he seeks. Those changes include a pitch clock and a restriction on catcher mound visits.

Manfred said, “My preferred path is a negotiated agreement with the players. But if we can’t get an agreement, we are going to have rule changes in 2018, one way or the other.”

The players have made several suggestions aimed at reducing the length of games, such as amending replay review rules, strictly monitoring down time between innings, and bringing back bullpen carts.

It is believed that MLB is proposing a pitch clock of 20 seconds. If a pitcher takes too long between pitches, he will have a ball added to the count. If the hitter takes too long, then he will have a strike added to the count.