Rivera Avenue now runs outside Yankee Stadium


I presume this will get “Avenue of the Americas” treatment (i.e. no one will ever use the name in actual conversation or navigation). Here in Columbus we have that going on with the “Jack Nicklaus Freeway,” which only really exists on maps. A lot of cities have that. But it’s nice all the same:

Angels sign Chris Young to one-year deal

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The Angels went on a Chris binge yesterday. In addition to signing Chris Carter to a minor league deal they signed Chris Young — the outfielder Chris Young, not the pitcher Chris Young — to a one-year contract. Young will make $2 million with incentives that could make the pact more valuable.

Young, 34, hit .235/.322/.387 with seven home runs in a part-time role last season with the Red Sox. He’s historically been a plus defender and has handled all three outfield positions in the past, but he’s really a corner guy/platoon DH these days. Not that the Angels need a center fielder. Rumor has it that they have a pretty decent one.