Please stick with HardballTalk for playoff coverage, not pizza places


I can’t decide what would be crazier: if the baseball playoffs actually did end after the LCS or if the Tigers got on the wrong flight and somehow ended up playing the Dodgers tonight:



No offense to the good people at Papa Johns’s, but I’ll make you a deal:  I won’t try to make pizza if you steer clear of avoiding baseball playoff previews.

The Rays announce “The Rays Tank.” Really.

Tampa Bay Rays
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Earlier this offseason the Rays traded away franchise player Evan Longoria. Over the weekend they traded starter Jake Odorizzi to the Twins and designated All-Star outfielder Corey Dickerson for assignment. These were clearly financially driven moves, and now the Rays sport a payroll of less than $70 million. The club’s offseason moves prompted Longoria to say that he feels sorry for Rays fans.

If you asked Rays brass, I’m sure they’d make strong statements defending all of these moves while offering evidence-light arguments that, yes, they truly are interested in fielding a competitive team in 2018. They would likely react VERY angrily to any suggestion that they are tanking this year. Teams never admit that they’re tanking.

In other news, the Rays announced a new blog: