Tragedy in Boston



Awful news out of Boston. Obviously there is no sense in thinking about trivial baseball matters for the time being.

Please go to for the latest updates on this tragedy. For a more local angle, check out or

Also, as we’ve unfortunately learned over the past several years, misinformation often reigns at times like these. Please, do your best in the coming hours to refrain from passing along misinformation or being taken in by bogus charities and the like. And please be civil and respectful of others when discussing this awful news. People have died and lives have been ruined this afternoon.



Kyle Schwarber has lost 17-20 pounds

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

As is offseason tradition, the first of player-shape reports are trickling in. These usually use some variation of the phrase “best shape of [my/his] life.” This one, though, avoids that at least.

According to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers, Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber has lost 17-20 pounds so far this offseason. Schwarber said that he’s “already big and strong,” so “might as well try to get more explosive, faster.”

Though Schwarber knocked out 30 home runs this past season, his numbers were otherwise pedestrian. He hit .211/.315/.467 with 59 RBI and 67 runs scored in 486 plate appearances.

There has been some speculation that the Cubs will try to trade Schwarber to an American League team where he can be a DH. He’s a subpar defender, so making him a full-time DH makes a lot of sense. So far, though, the only team that has been linked to Schwarber this offseason has been the Red Sox.