And That Happened: Readers’ Choice Edition


Let’s do this again. Your recaps and box scores from a full Tuesday night of steamy baseball action:


Reds 2, Indians 3 (10 innings)

Cardinals 3, Tigers 6

Braves 4, Yankees 3

Rays 5, Nationals 4

Rockies 2, Phillies 7

Twins 2, Pirates 7

Marlins 5, Red Sox 7

Orioles 0, Mets 5

Royals 2, Astros 0

Cubs 2, White Sox 1

Blue Jays 10, Brewers 9

Giants 5, Angels 12

Dodgers 0, Athletics 3

Rangers 7, Padres 3

Mariners 12, Diamondbacks 9 (10 innings)

Video: Troy Tulowitzki plays along with a photographer who thought he was a pitcher

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Thursday marked photo day for the Blue Jays. There are always some oddities, usually when the players create fun for themselves. This time, the fun happened when a photographer mistook shortstop Troy Tulowitzki for a pitcher. Tulowitzki rolled with it and followed the photographer’s instructions to pose like a pitcher.

Hazel Mae has the hilarious video:

Hitters, of course, typically pose with a bat over their shoulder. Pitchers typically have their hand in their glove, sometimes leaning forward as if receiving the signs from their catcher.

Tulowitzki has exclusively played shortstop during his 12-year career in the majors, but perhaps one day he’ll step on the mound and be able to call himself a pitcher.