The Red Sox and Rays played the 39th 1-0 game of 2011


Sunday night’s 16-inning marathon won by the Red Sox was the 39th 1-0 game of 2011.  If that sounds like a lot, it is.  We’re currently on pace for the most 1-0 games since 1976.

With scoring depressed, the number of 1-0 games shot way up last year and has only continued to increase.  Here’s the number of 1-0 games each season since 1990:

1990 – 43
1991 – 55
1992 – 58
1993 – 36
1994 – 26
1995 – 29
1996 – 26
1997 – 29
1998 – 32
1999 – 27
2000 – 29
2001 – 36
2002 – 42
2003 – 31
2004 – 35
2005 – 40
2006 – 39
2007 – 34
2008 – 38
2009 – 36
2010 – 62
2011 – 39

At the current pace, we’d end this season with 66 1-0 games, the high total since there were 72 in 1976.

The Twins have been on the winning side of five of the 1-0 games this year, while the Indians and Dodgers have won three apiece.

On the other hand, the Padres have lost five 1-0 games, including one to the Twins back on June 18.  The Marlins and Nationals have both lost three 1-0 games.

The Mets will not commit to Matt Harvey making his next start

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Matt Harvey has had a bad and injury-filled couple of years. He hit spring training in decent physical shape, however, and there was much talk about a possible Harvey Renaissance. At times in February, March and in his first start in early April he looked alright too.

That has changed, however. Over his last three starts he has allowed 14 runs on 25 hits in 16 innings, with his latest stinker being last night’s six runs on eight hits outing against the Braves. The poor pitching has resulted in Mets manager Mickey Calloway not committing to Harvey taking his next turn in the rotation. Or, as Ken Davidoff reports in the Post, not commenting when asked if Harvey would, indeed, make his next start.

It’s bad enough when the manager will not make such a commitment, but the Mets pitching coach, Dave Eiland, made comments after the game suggesting the possibility of the Mets putting Harvey in the bullpen. The comments were not pointed, but this suggests his thinking, I’d assume:

While neither Callaway nor Eiland would tip his hand about Harvey’s immediate future, Eiland, who most recently worked for the Royals, smiled when a reporter asked him if he had ever switched a starter to the bullpen under duress. “Yeah, a guy by the name of Wade Davis,” he said. “It turned out pretty well for him.”

That’s a generous way of putting it and, for Harvey, such comments could soften the blow to his ego if, indeed, the club decides to move him to the bullpen. It’s not a demotion, he could claim, it’s the team giving him a chance to regain his past stardom in a different role!

However, whether it was because he was stinging from a poor performance or because he simply hates the idea, Harvey seemed to reject the possibility out of hand, saying, “I’m a starting pitcher. I’ve always been a starting pitcher. That’s my mindset.”

Looks like he’s either going to have to change his mindset or else he’s not going to have a place to pitch in New York for very much longer.