A-Rod, LeBron party down after the ALCS loss


A-Rod and LeBron James aren’t actually friends. They just hung out with one-another over the weekend because there’s a national shortage of sportswriter outrage and the President ordered that targets of said outrage huddle as close together as possible so that certain efficiencies can be archived.

Not pictured: the BCS, which was in the bathroom at the time.

(thanks, I think, to Jason for the link)

Andrew Miller leaves game with a bum hamstring

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Indians reliever Andrew Miller left last night’s game against the Cubs with left hamstring tightness.

Miller threw just two pitches before clutching his leg and leaving the field. He’s day-to-day for now — and manager Terry Francona noted that he had a similar injury a few years back and only missed a few days — but hamstring injuries can be anywhere from annoying to serious, so nothing definitive will be said by the club until he undergoes an MRI. Given how critical he is to the Indians, who are likely postseason bound, figure that the team will err on the side of caution with a DL sting regardless.

Miller has yet to allow a run in ten innings of work.