Video: Man catches foul ball with a baby in his arms


Look, it was a nice play, buddy. But those were poor fundamentals. You coulda dropped the ball!  Next time, toss the baby aside and use BOTH HANDS to snag it.  I see you doin’ that again, it’s $5 in the fine jar.  Now go do your laps in the outfield.  (h/t to Vince at The Cleveland Scene):

Al Avila on trading Ian Kinsler: “We’ve gotten to the point where names have been exchanged.”

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Tigers GM Al Avila said on Tuesday, via’s Jason Beck, that there’s been significant headway made in the quest to trade second baseman Ian Kinsler. He said, “We’ve gotten to the point where names have been exchanged. We just can’t agree.”

Kinsler, 35, is in the last year of his contract with the Tigers, earning $10 million for this coming season. In 2017, the veteran batted .236/.313/.412 with 22 home runs, 52 RBI, and 90 runs scored in 613 plate appearances.

It’s not known yet which team (or teams) have gotten far in discussions with the Tigers, but the Angels have been suggested as a good fit given their need for a second baseman.