Quote of the Day: K-Rod-punches-out-his-father-in-law edition


“It all adds up to a “(expletive) you” edge that the Mets lack. From the
general manager to the coaching staff to the star players to Chris
Carter and Jesus Feliciano, they are almost all nice people. Maybe too

The New York Daily News’ Andy Martino, writing last Friday about the Mets’ lack of swagger.

While I don’t think this is exactly what Martino had in mind, if I’m K-Rod’s lawyer, I totally lay this at his feet. Get me just one Post reader on that jury, and my man walks, I tell ya!

Padres close to acquiring Freddy Galvis from the Phillies

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Scott Miller of Bleacher Report says that the San Diego Padres are in “serious” talks with the Phillies to acquire shortstop Freddy Galvis. He said that a deal could happen today, in fact.

Galvis, 28, is a superior defensive shortstop. He hit .255/.309/.382 with 12 homers and 14 steals over 162 games in 2017. Which, while not good, is pretty much as good as he gets on offense and works well enough given his glove and given how durable he has proven to be.

No word on what the Phillies would get back for Galvis, but 2013 first rounder J.P. Crawford is clearly the Phillies’ shortstop of the future. Crawford, who was called up and played in 23 games in 2017, has great range and an MLB ready glove. He has some holes in his swing but some pop too, so there’s no reason for Philly not to install him at short now.