Quote of the Day II: Jon Heyman

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bengie molina homers. regardless, what were Mets thinking? this guy can play.

Jon Heyman tweeting after Bengie Molina hit a home run in the second game of spring training. Heyman is seemingly overlooking the fact that Molina is a career .276/.308/.418 hitter — coming off a worse year than that — and is on record as of this morning saying that he told the Mets that it was a two-year deal or nothing.

Heyman is a reporter. For all of the barbs I’ve thrown in his direction, I’ll freely admit that he does a good job when he sticks to reporting.  He is not an analyst, however, as this bit of wisdom and many many other examples illustrate.

Aaron Boone interviewed for the Yankees manager job today

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MLB.com’s Bryan Hoch reports that ESPN broadcaster Aaron Boone interviewed for the Yankees’ manager job today. No word as to whether he hit a big home run.

Boone, an ESPN analyst, obviously has some history with the Yankees, but he has no coaching experience at any level. Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote earlier this week of Boone that the Yankees “are intrigued if his charisma and passion can compensate for inexperience.” I’d say the answer to that question, whenever asked and in whatever context, is always “no,” but I suppose there’s a first time for everything.

So far the Yankees have interviewed Rob Thomson, Eric Wedge and Hensley Meulens. Yesterday Brian Cashman said there was no rush to fill the job, and that the Winter Meetings are not a deadline for the team in doing so.