Neftali Feliz is a human being

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His first 12 appearances:

0.41 ERA (1 ER), 0.27 WHIP and 28/1 K/BB ratio in 22 IP

His last four appearances:

7.94 ERA (5 ER), 2.12 WHIP and 7/5 K/BB ratio in 5 2/3 IP.

What a bum. Jon Daniels should think about trading this guy why he still has some value.

The Angels to lower the right field wall

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The Los Angeles Angels announced today that they will lower the right field wall at Angel Stadium from 18 feet to eight feet.

The stated reason: to make room for a new out-of-town scoreboard and “philosophical changes.” Obviously, though, helping out lefty power hitters is on the agenda too. As it was, Angel Stadium was in the bottom ten of all parks in allowing homers for lefties.

One of their own lefties is Kole Calhoun, who is a pull hitter. Another one could be Shohei Ohtani, who is a lefty hitter. Although, as a righty pitcher, that could harm him against opposing lefty batters. I’m assuming, though, that the Angels ran a bunch of numbers to establish that this move helps them more than it hurts them, or else they wouldn’t be doing it.