Milwaukee is drawing well

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The Brewers may be a disappointment this year, but they’re doing great at the gate, and will likely draw over 3 million fans this season.  Don Walker at the Journal-Sentinel has some explanations why.  The third reason is the best:

Third, the Brewers are promotion-heavy. On Sunday, the Brewers are giving away Jeff Suppan bobbleheads.

Wait, that’s tomorrow! Milwaukee is only 450 miles from here!  I can make it!  Jeff Suppan bobblehead, you will be mine!

Yes, I totally get why so many people go to those games.

The Milwaukee Brewers perform “The Sandlot”

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A lot of teams do funny promo videos during spring training. The Seattle Mariners have led the league in this category for years now, with their marketing and p.r. folks producing and a lot of game and sometimes hammy players starring in some excellent clips. They’re doing them again this year, if you’re curious.

The Milwaukee Brewers have hopped on the humor train in 2018, and their latest entry in this category of commercials is excellent. It’s their riff on “The Sandlot.”

The biggest difference: Smalls really could kill you in this one. Brett Phillips is a lot more jacked than the kid who played Scotty in the original was.

The Beast, however, is just as terrifying now as he was in 1993.